“Am I right side up, or upside down? Is this real or am I dreaming….”

We carved pumpkins last night, and for someone who hasn’t carved a pumpkin in YEARS, it turned out amazing. I couldn’t stop dancing around my apartment afterwards, because I am pretty obsessed with owls, and our owl pumpkin turned out awesome!

Picture on twitter.

I definitely have short timers syndrome right now. I can’t wait to start my new job, and it’s a taking a lot to sit at this desk every day and sit still. It’ll be my first job with business cards, a company cell phone, an email address with my NAME in it. A giant career push in the right direction, and I’m actually doing something I care about, and believe in. Ugh, how many times have I talked about wanting/needing that?

So many. Too many.

It’s a rainy Tuesday, and I am looking forward to going home. Weekly horoscope:

Power lights, ON! You’re in full mover and shaker mode as Mars cruises through Sagittarius from October 28 through December 7. After a sleepy, low-energy spell, you’re charged up and electrified again. Good thing, as you’ll be needing some extra oomph for the busy weeks that lie ahead. Strap on the proverbial armor. You may have to fight for what you want, or push through some barricades that are in your way. The thing is, you KNOW this is right for you, and you’re not going to rest until you’ve reached your intended goal. This drive is admirable, provided you don’t take down any allies in the process. Look around instead of being SO singular in your focus. That sword in your hand can do damage if you wield it carelessly…and so can that sharp tongue of yours.

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