Shiny Happy People.

If cloud nine was an island, instead of a cloud, I would/could own it.

I got the job. The job I applied for last week, which sounded so perfect and me. It was the job I wanted when I left Rusty George, the one I knew I could get someday, but not knowing that someday meant today.

I swear to anything and everything, the universe doesn’t lie. The stars don’t lie. Today, this is what my horoscope said:

We’re not quite talking about Criss Angel “Mindfreaks” here, but today, what was once disguised will now be revealed. Today, Mercury enters Scorpio, your twelfth house of hidden influences. Couldn’t figure out why you made that choice? Those deeper motivations or subtle cues that you didn’t see before will finally come to light, and you’ll become a lot clearer about your emotional process. It won’t take someone else’s sleight of hand to reveal the magical insight in your life.

I have been conflicted for the past 48 hours. My mind, my heart, my soul racing a million miles a minute. I like the job I have (to a point), but more so, I hate to let people down. Leaving here in the middle of all my projects lets people down, and that bothers me. Leaving people with more work because of me and my “stupid happiness” bothers me on some level.

Except that my heart has finally stopped racing…and I asked the universe to make it happen if I was meant to do it. Me and those cosmos, we’re tight.

So, me and my “stupid happiness”? Those two things are never a bad combo, and while it might take me awhile to figure things out, I always come out on top. Today has proven it again.

There….are just no more words:)


  1. Congrats! :)

  2. Kimberly Mae :) · · Reply

    so happy for you, my love. ps: what horoscope site do u read?

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