I don’t have a title for this.

Two years ago, when I voted, I was pretty educated on what/who I was voting for. I’ve always been a passionate person, but never had a true interest in politics until then. I never voted in the first election I was able to, because I didn’t care for either politician, and I was proud to say that I “didn’t vote”.

Voters have strong opinions on the way the country should be run, and at that time, I didn’t.

So when 2008 came along, I was ready. To make an informed decision, to do my duty as an American, and to have a “voice”.

When it really comes down to it, I wouldn’t classify my political beliefs so easily.

I am independent, I am free, and all I really want is for everyone to be kind to others and enjoy their life for what it is….real and amazing. Everything is always what you make of it, and if you think everything sucks, then it will.

That being said, I am voting today. For the man with one house.

See, a favorite comedian recently told Larry King why he was voting for who he was:

“I’m voting for the man with one house. Because the man with one house is worried about losing his house, but the man with ten houses isn’t worried…he will always have another one to go to should something happen.

But the man with one house, he’s worried about losing his house.”

There’s my vote. Among other things (research included, and many many random hours on cnn.com), my vote is going to the man with one house.

Happy Election Day everyone! The world is changing….

That was my blog post in 2008, and I was proud that day.

Two years later, I am even more passionate, and it’s been hard to sit and watch results roll in and know that I didn’t say what I wanted. I hate people who have “opinions” about things, but do nothing to back them up, nothing to get their voices heard. Talking about how the country is being run (for better or worse) is all fine and good, but if you didn’t vote, I don’t want to hear you speak. Because you didn’t speak up when it really mattered, so your “educated opinions” are of little interest to me.

I wish that I could have voted this year, instead of realizing too late that my ballot was sent to the wrong place, and not being able to make it right. Two more years, and it’ll be another election, so the best I can do is keep my mouth shut and my mind sharp:)

In other news, today is a good day. Another beautiful fall day to make me smile, and my last day working for The Rock. As bummed as I am to leave, I am more excited to start something new. I get my new phone tomorrow, along with my new number, so stay tuned for that one:)

Happy Thursday. Grey’s Anatomy in Seattle tonight!

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