Fake Plastic Trees.

I had an entire entry worked out, wherein I described my trip to Vancouver via all the beautiful photos I took. It would have been nice, but this is nicer. Keeping it to myself, posting only what I want on Twitter, letting it stay beautiful and semi secret.

I will say this though: Canada is lovely, and I would move to Vancouver in a heartbeat given the chance.

It’s another Monday, and I have put this off all morning. I just haven’t been in the mood to say much, but maybe it’s time.

Before 2011 hit, I wanted to be “on good terms” with people in my life that I have let slip away. I guess it was the need to put whatever bad vibes I felt behind me, and go into a new January feeling refreshed and good about the choice to “forgive and forget”. I didn’t need to do that, but I wanted to.

It worked out in a few cases, and didn’t work out so well in others. Just because I’m ready and willing to mend bridges, doesn’t mean I will always get my way, but I still had hope. Hope is such an asshole sometimes.

The past year of my life has (sort of) been defined by “well, I did what I could, and now I need to get over it”, and I hate that. That sounds like a failure, and I never failed. I accomplished almost everything I wanted in 2010, was all over the emotional map, and I have a lot to show for it. I left the year the same way I started it, by doing what I could to mend the bridges I felt were worth saving, and now it’s on other people to do their part. I have to wonder, what good does a held grudge do for you? Anyone?

Posted a few downtown photos on Twitter.
Thanks Monday.

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