Vancouver or bust.

I have been incredibly sick all week. The kind of sickness that floored me, accused me of cheating on it with Health, and sought some sweet revenge.

I was in bed for three days, my stomach hasn’t “quite” recovered, and I still feel a little dizzy. Not being at work ALL last week had me so ready to come back, and when I did, I landed right back at home. If you follow me on Twitter, you know my misery.

I finally made it back to work today, only to have it be Friday, and my trip to Vancouver only an hour away. I am beyond happy that I made it here, and so excited to be getting out of town.

I had a train of thought here, but lost it due to incoming calls and coworkers leaving for the day.

Have a great weekend! Go Seahawks!

And Red Wings! Let’s hope I don’t start a fight in Canada:)

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