Having an opinion.

Facebook and Twitter were all abuzz about the zodiac yesterday, and since I had spent my entire day working and not following the trends on the internet, I had no idea what people were talking about.

Oh, but you can bet that I looked that nonsense up after work.

To state an obvious fact here, I absolutely believe in the power of astrology. I also absolutely believe in the power of God, and wholeheartedly think the two go hand in hand. This might be a stretch for a lot of people, but it makes complete sense to me, and here is why in a nutshell:

I think He knew all along that people would have a hard time accepting Faith as it stands. Not everyone, obviously, but some people would have a hard time following “blindly” and He took that into account. God created the universe right? That includes the stars, planets, black holes, galaxies? So then why couldn’t He have “created” a system that He knew people would latch onto (the zodiac) in order to explain themselves and who they were? The common theme of humans is a search for identity, where you belong, who you belong to, where you’re going, where you’ve come from. In my opinion, the very “ideas” that “we” have come up with involving the zodiac are further proof that a Higher Power does exist. It’s just more proof of that Love I keep blabbing about.

So, this whole “zodiac nonsense everythinghaschangedwhatarewegoingtodowithourselves??” crap? Insanity. At least on the level that I shouldn’t be a Sagittarius anymore because the “stars are wrong”.

The stars aren’t wrong, the universe isn’t wrong. We are overthinking this.

I know for sure that I have shared the title of this song many times in the past, but not sure if I’ve shared the video. Sigur Ros is one of the main reasons I believe the way I do. Happy Friday.

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