Oh, hey February.

I get that people usually want to move away from where they grew up. And I get that it’s normal to want to “strike out on your own”.

But I will NEVER get why people could EVER dislike living in Seattle. The rain? The clouds? The inevitable traffic and constant construction?

This morning, all I saw was perfection. A blue sky, mountains in any direction I looked, and shimmering water. Mornings like these are what make the hundreds of cloudy mornings worth it. The endless rain, rush hour traffic, cold weather…it’s all worth it when the sun shines.

Somehow it’s the first day of February. One month down, eleven more to go, and I can’t help feeling a little worried that it’s all going to pass me by as quickly as last year did. I don’t want to be left feeling like I was waiting for something that never arrived, while it did arrive, but I wasn’t paying enough attention to see or enjoy it. Maybe that is my restless nature talking.

Okay, time to buckle down and get some work done.

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