And this is what you shall do:

Oh Whitman. For the millionth time in my short life, you have brought me full circle again today. I like full circles, I like when they happen daily.

Ten Reasons to be Happy:

  1. The sun managed to shine for a few hours this morning.
  2. I didn’t have a long commute today.
  3. The Superbowl party yesterday was really fun!
  4. I am feeling healthy again, and it’s a huge relief.
  5. My dad comes to visit next month.
  6. My friend Brian and his wife welcomed their baby girl, Isla, into the world today:)
  7. All the hours I’ve put in at work is going to make for a sweet paycheck.
  8. J has something planned for this weekend, and he won’t tell me. Strong man.
  9. Macrina and their lemon/lavender coffee cake.
  10. Being able to talk about what’s bothering me to the correct person, and actually resolving the situation.

That felt nice. I should do it more often:)

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