Love is Hard.

Even the most perfect of romances have their issues. Where would the growth be if everything was simple? What would the lessons teach you if everything was perfect? As long as two people are willing to find common ground and understanding, love will flourish, but only with two willing participants.

Today is Valentine’s Day. Most of the women I know don’t care for this holiday, and I can’t really blame them. I have heard every argument against it, seen the rolling of the eyes, felt the disdain…and I can’t blame them. I have no good reason why I like Valentine’s Day, and I have no compelling comeback to explain myself. I know, “everyday should be a day to celebrate your relationship” and “you should tell each other how much you love each other all the time anyway”.

I get it. And the most simple explanation I can come up with? I appreciate the struggle that all relationships will go through. The daily decisions that we each make, to swallow our pride in an argument, to concede that we’re not always “right”, to allow another person to influence our emotions and sometimes our opinions. I can appreciate those things, because love is hard on some level.

I hope everyone listens to that beautiful song up there. The video is silly, but the song is just…beautiful.
Happy Monday.

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