I am….happy.

I started looking at cottages in Ireland this morning, and it filled my heart up so fast that I almost started to cry. For no reason other than the wonderful happiness I felt. I was born to travel, to see the parts of the world that have always enchanted me, to make dreams into reality. There is something so free about visiting a country you feel connected to, and I cannot wait to feel and breathe the air.

In addition, this summer is going to fly by. I think that is where my elation comes from, knowing how fast these months will fly, and how close I am to getting on that plane and being in another world. I am little scared I won’t come back, because I can already feel the pull of staying.

I want to link to the cottage that I’ve been passing through emails all morning. I really want to share it, because it’s so wonderful and perfect, but it’s a fairytale. And I’m not ready:)

Part of my horoscope today:
“You’re so in your element this Friday, thanks to a full moon..”

I am free all weekend. Let’s make plans:)

One comment

  1. r u going to ireland, my love?? i’m quite jel. :)

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