The Honor Code.

I am officially going on record here, and saying that my older sister is crazy.

She really is, but in the best way possible. It might be one of those “sibling” things, but out of every girl (woman) I know, I’d have to say that she is the strangest of all my girlfriends.

It’s exactly why I love her.

My sister is turning thirty in about 39 hours, and I thought I would take this opportunity to tell her how much I love her. Mostly because I am not a sap, and because I have always had a hard time telling people how much I love them. She deserves to know it (officially) though, crazy and all. In the interest of keeping with a “theme” I always seem to have with lists, I present:

30 Reasons Why I Love my Sister.

1. I know I said she was crazy, and I stand by that, but I must elaborate and explain that she’s not crazy in a BAD way. We just happen to share the same brand of insanity, and we both understand that about each other.

2. She’s always been just a little bit smarter than I am.

3. Even though she’s older, she still asks for my advice, and that has always made me feel very grown up.

4. I’d still rather hang out with her before any other person.

5. She understands me, a fact which is vital to our relationship as human beings. She knows when to push and she knows when to back off, something that most people haven’t learned.

6. She genuinely cares about people. It’s refreshing to know (and be related to) someone who thinks about other people first, and understands when that’s okay, and when it’s not.

7. I am super jealous of her hair. It’s so shiny!

8. She steals my clothes and refuses to give them back, which annoys me, then she makes up for it by buying me Mongolian food.

9. She loves animals as much as I do, and makes sure to love on Boogie when I’m out of town.

10. She introduced me to true love: Dave Matthews.

11. This photo (which always makes me laugh):

12. She always takes a million years to make a decision, but when she finally does, we get stuff accomplished.

13. She calls me ‘Moo’ or ‘Mooberries’.

14. She understands my gypsy ways, the need for good energy, and the value of a good trade.

15. We didn’t grow up together, but we share a lot of similar traits, and it’s almost an overwhelming feeling that I have family.

16. She puts up with my endless teasing.

17. She lets me be brutally honest.

18. We tried out for Wheel of Fortune three years ago, and got our picture taken with a cardboard cutout of Pat Sajack.

19. She’s really entertaining when she drinks too much.

20. The drag queens on her birthday a few years ago.

21. Her influence has made me more “girly” over the years.

22. She always stands up for me. Whether it be stupid girls, stupid boys, or people that just won’t quit.

23. She introduced me to Thai food, baking nachos on a pizza stone, and her strange olive addiction.

24. There is always a fruity piece of Trident in her purse.

25. She can she’s sorry when she’s wrong, and a lot of people I know can’t.

26. She came all the way out to Tennessee to watch me graduate, even though parts of it made her uncomfortable, she came and supported me.

27. She knows how I feel about our mother, and she doesn’t push it. Or me.

28. She loves passionately.

29. We share the same deep affection for Pride & Prejudice, which she continues to steal every time she comes over.

30. She once called me at work just to ask me how to change the font size on the computer.

While some of these might seem silly, I absolutely love my sister. She entertains me on a regular basis, and is very much a part of my soul.

Happy “flirty” Thirty, sister B! Thanks for paving the way for me to enjoy these last years of my twenties:)

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