This post is my attempt at being “topical”. It isn’t meant to offend or to sway your opinions in any way, but in the interest of being honest, this is how I feel.

Oh man, a disclaimer at the beginning of a post. I needed to do that though, based on what I am about to say.

Casey Anthony was found “not guilty”, and it annoys me that I even know what impact that’s currently having on people. It annoys me that I can spend all day working, and find out via Facebook, because that’s how much people care.

I AM shocked, because I am a news junkie, and because I never thought this day would come. The media has sensationalized this case from the very beginning, and bringing in the “heavy hitters” like Nancy Grace to comment the entire way through, stirring the emotional pot of everyone. It’s annoying that a “Not Guilty” verdict can get people in this country SO upset, but we turn a blind eye to what is happening all over the world.

Does that little girl deserve justice? Absolutely, and unfortunately, it looks like she won’t get it. It’s sad, it’s unfair, and it’s disgusting how this story was handled from the very beginning.

If we can get this worked up, and be this impassioned over something that (quite literally) happens daily in the world, imagine the things we could do if we focused on the right cause.

If a jury of human beings, based on evidence and testimony and human heart, can find this woman “Not Guilty”, I am going to be okay with that.

The anger, hate and corresponding violence: It’s just not worth it.

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