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Dancing On My Own.

I write a lot about my relationships with people on this blog, because they are a huge part of my life, but also because they are the most baffling parts of my life as well. The things that people say and do, the way they think, they way they react without thinking, it is all incredibly interesting […]

Blowing the Humanitarian Whistle.

I have been trying, trying to write this post for awhile now. The politics part of this bores and fascinates me equally, but it’s the human part that gets to me. It is what keeps me from writing because the thoughts in my head swirl and expand, and I don’t know where to start or […]

E3 for the win.

I spent last week in Los Angeles, and boy, was I happy to get back to that city. The one and only thing on my agenda: E3 2013. It was my first E3, and even though I had heard how different it is from any other show, I still wasn’t prepared for the beauty. Every […]

Rules for Life.

This post is brought to you by The Bloggess and Lauren Filing Jointly, because I obviously have thoughts about life and other things. Cassie Jo’s Rules for Life 1. If you did not graduate from college, it’s okay. It took me a long time to learn this, and an even longer to not feel like […]

An Open Letter to all the Online Daters.

Hi, You don’t know me, and you probably never will. I have never frequented the online dating scene, nor have I ever tried, nor will I ever try, and here is why: You people are mean. I hate to generalize a group a well-meaning individuals this way, because I am sure a lot of you […]

December 11th: This is when things get weird.

If you didn’t think I was weird before, I can’t promise that you will leave this entry feeling the same way. I don’t actively try to be weird, and it certainly doesn’t always bring me “wanted” attention. If anything, the weirder those looks people give me are when I open my mouth, the more I […]

December 6th: Lift Off.

I am sure this entry will land me in all kinds of ‘interesting’ trouble, but I am almost twenty eight, I just don’t care. Before I start, I am going to anticipate the reaction for a moment, and say for the five bazillionth time: This blog is not Facebook. Who even reads this anyway? A […]