Clean hands.

Several things have happened in the last twenty four hours:

1. I found this little gem after actually searching, and not just tweeting to Meg about it’s whereabouts. It always makes my day-“Lady in the sweater vest, I’m lookin’ at you!”

2. I have almost unpacked my entire apartment and put everything where it belongs. It felt good to make a real dinner (with brownies) and watch The World According to Paris last night, relaxed and happy.

3. I emailed the old roommate, letting her know how I felt and why I felt that way, and she actually responded. It was nice to put it all out there, knowing that what I was saying to my other friends wasn’t going to go unsaid to her, and realizing that she did care after all this time.

Being honest doesn’t always work, but at least getting it all out there puts everyone on the same page. Hopefully, at some point, none of this will matter and we can go back to being awesome friends.

Hmmm, this week is half over already. Feels good:)

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