Forty Six Days.

Let’s not lie here, women hold grudges. Grudges they (rarely) ever get over, even when they smile right to your face and swear the “past is in the past”.

I haven’t been much different. I remember what’s been done to me, by different guys I’ve dated, and what it’s done to my heart and general approach to life/love/all relationships. I’ve grown up enough to know that what’s done is done, and I just don’t have the room to continue to hate, or dwell on, or even just dislike.

At what point though, does it stop affecting us? I can “not dwell” all day long, but when faced with some off the wall situation, or “slightly familiar” problem, my mind can’t help but remember. Even if only for a split second.

We are all damaged in some way. It’s how we deal with that damage that really counts. How we remember that damage, learn from it, and at some point: stop talking about it.


  1. Mon Zni · · Reply

    I dislike how this is painted as a problem with WOMEN. You could easily replace “women” with “men” and vice versa and it would be equally true.

    1. I agree. I actually started out addressing this differently, but it wasn’t coming out right, so I just addressed it as it was written. I really just wanted to convey that at some point, we need to stop holding onto things that aren’t healthy. And not just in relationships, but in our friendships as well. It was based on something I read recently, full of negativity and hate toward a situation that didn’t deserve that emotion.

      You are right though, this could apply to ANYBODY and should:)

      1. Mon Zni · ·

        Yeah, I hear your point. I’ve got a big, nasty, long-harbored situation coming to a close this summer, and I couldn’t be happier to put it behind me. Ready to move on! I hear ya, Cassie!

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