30 Days of Thanks. #11.

What I realized this month: I am not thankful for thirty days worth of things.

When I started this little project, I thought it would be easy. I am extremely thankful for everything I have/own/work for, so I assumed that coming up with something new everyday would make for an easy writing month.

Not so much.

What I neglected to consider, is that while I am extremely thankful for what I have in my life, it can all be summed up pretty easily. Family, friends, books, traveling…all the good components to my life, the elements that make me who I am. Coming up with something new every day makes all the important stuff seem so unimportant, and I just couldn’t do it. Everything I chose to write about, I absolutely meant and so even though it’s not the end of the month, this will be my last “30 Days of Thanks”. Being thankful for that hair stylist downtown who can give me the best bang trim I’ve ever had seems shallow somehow. Just sayin’.

Ah. My birthday is in less than two weeks. Two weeks. This year, I am inviting only people who I think will actually come, people I actually want to see, or people who are just so fun that I can’t imagine a birthday without them. Twenty seven isn’t going to be a life changing birthday, but at least I’ll be with people I love and who love me:)

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