30 Days of Thanks. #10.

Today, I am thankful for my family.

In my opinion, each person is a little crazy in their own way (with me being the only sane one), but inevitably, I am challenged everyday by one of them. Usually, it’s one of my sisters, but it’s always someone:)

I welcome these little challenges, because they’re not obvious giant ones. Each person in my family has taught me something different about myself, and what I am capable of.

My Dad:
The head of our family, the voice of reason, the overachiever. He taught me how to take care of myself, work hard, save money, and be responsible. All the boring things that no kid appreciates until they’re older, but appreciate they do. He tells me over and over how proud he is, at even at twenty six, that doesn’t get old. He doesn’t always like everything I do or say, but he lets me be who I am. I’d like to think I’ve taught him a thing or two:)

One of most genuine and nice people I will ever know. I secretly think she’s a little suspicious of people sometimes, and she’s not a hugging person, but she is extremely nice to people she meets. She taught me to appreciate a clean house, and to put my best (and cleanest) foot forward. Is that boring? Maybe to some, but my apartment is always clean when friends come over, and I can’t stand a dirty toilet or smudge on the carpet. There is value in that:) She is also my favorite shopping partner, which is a bummer when I live three thousand miles away.

My sweet younger brother. I wrote about him on Day One, but as a reminder, he makes me a nicer person. I can’t watch Harry Potter without thinking of him, and the pride I feel in his accomplishments is extreme. He’s grown up to be such an amazing person.

My older sister, who reminds me daily to watch my mouth:) I have a habit of saying anything I feel, regardless, because I rarely mean things in a bad way. She’d never admit she’s a sensitive bird, but knowing her as I do, I try to watch how blunt my opinion comes out. She allows me to be her free spirit little sister, but treats me as an equal and respects me. I always want to do the same for her.

The youngest sister, who tests my patience on a regular basis. We are two similar creatures, and she drives me insane insane, but I always try to remember that I’m older and need to be the one who doesn’t let things get out of hand. Young as she is, she is an amazing mother to my little nieces and nephew, and given our example of what a mother should be…it leaves me speechless. She’s taught me that if she can do it, so can I, and I am so super proud of her too.

I obviously have more family members, each with their own wonderful qualities. My wonderful Grandma, who sends me as many holiday recipes as I want:) My cousin Tiffany, who was always the most patient with me and my bossy ways when we were younger. I appreciate my family so much, and especially this year, I am thankful to them for allowing me to be who I am and not expecting anything less.

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