The Hunger Games.

One of my favorite quotes in the entire world:

“Don’t ask me who’s influenced me. A lion is made up of the lambs he’s digested, and I’ve been reading all my life.”

I read. I read so much that I often live in this little strange world in my head, a world that devours knowledge and words and emotions. I do not understand it when people say “they don’t read”, like, I actually cannot comprehend those words. I’m busy, I have a social life and a professional life and an adventurous life, but to actually NOT spend time reading?

I don’t get it.

Like most people who read Twilight, I fell in love, and have seen all the movies. It’s a little bittersweet for me, because those books were a pretty huge lifeline for me back then. The movies are a miserable, miserable interpretation of the story, and it seriously bums me out because most people (apparently) “don’t read” and will only watch those movies. On the flip side, I never did read Harry Potter because I thought they were for younger kids, and it turns out, those are some of my favorite movies.

Tonight, I am taking a gamble and going to see The Hunger Games. I am actually really excited, because that first book is pretty damn awesome. In a way that Twilight, or Harry Potter, or even World of Warcraft can’t touch…I am really excited to see this story come to life. Even without seeing the movie I recommend it, because if you don’t read, it might at least prompt you to consider it.

Okay, stepping off the soapbox. Back to real life:)

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