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December 6th: Lift Off.

I am sure this entry will land me in all kinds of ‘interesting’ trouble, but I am almost twenty eight, I just don’t care. Before I start, I am going to anticipate the reaction for a moment, and say for the five bazillionth time: This blog is not Facebook. Who even reads this anyway? A […]

December 5th: Draft.

I am having some trouble posting today, because what I really wanted to write about, I am deciding to wait a day and post later. Just one day. I doubt I will feel differently enough to decide against it, but I will have ‘slept on it’ so to speak. Instead, I am posting something I […]

December 4th: Paradise.

I have been on a major (major) Coldplay kick lately. I am going to share this song and hope that someone listens to it, because it’s been in my head for days. Weeks even. At any point in my life, you could ask me to give you a song that described myself and I would […]

December 3rd.

A few years ago, I started my “post every day in December” project, and I didn’t do very well last year. Hell, I don’t even remember if I tried last year. I am going to try again this year, but it is already December 3rd, and I am already behind. My sister got married on […]

Charlie Brown.

I have seen the 2011 Coldplay Live at Glastonbury show several times now, thanks to Palladia. It’s enchanting, and I could watch it every day, dancing around my living room, feeling like I could burst. That’s what it does, it makes me want to burst into flames, purple and rising into the sky, touching nothing […]

a real entry is coming soon.

It’s a short week, a glorious Holiday week, and I can’t really believe that this time of year is here…again. I have a day and a half left of work this week, and only four days next week, since Becca’s wedding is next Saturday. Where has this year gone? Where did Time run off to? […]

Dazzle, dazzle.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” It’s Friday, and I have nothing to offer this blog today. Except maybe this: This is the time of year that usually sends people spinning into depression or stress, especially in this part of the country, with the overcast skies and rain soaked days. For today at […]