Everyone On This Bus is Drunk.

It’s been awhile since I have seen this little blog, and I think I have missed these quiet moments between us. A lot has happened since I last updated:

1. I decided not to go to Australia. I feel a little bad about this, a little lonely too, but I know it’s the right decision on the long run. The main reason for not going is time. I simply don’t have enough of it, and running off in pursuit of various adventures just isn’t going to work. At least not this month.

2. I am going to Boston next week for PAX East. In case anyone forgot, I really and truly love my job. I love it when it’s awesome, I love it when it’s stressful, and I love it when it really really sucks. I found my calling, I found my space, and even when these people annoy me with their antics and attitudes, I love it. I am finally getting the chance to travel, for work, and I am really excited to see all the hard work on display. I am excited to meet more people in this crazy industry, feel the energy of another new city, and work my ass off for a company that I really believe in. I get to travel again in June, and I am just…really really happy.

3. I invented ‘boozy shake’. Three parts milkshake, one part booze, stirred with a straw. Delicious.

4. I was joking on Facebook this morning about writing a memoir, but I think I actually might. Self published on this little blog because I am that vain, and it might even be fun. Not every memory I have is a pretty one though, and not every opinion I have is clean and tidy. It might piss some people off, but hey, you’ve been warned I guess. Working title: Everyone On This Bus is Drunk. Chapter One: You’ve Been Warned. There, covered all my bases.

5. It was snowing in Paris this week, and I felt all kinds of jealous. Not one snowflake fell in Seattle this year, at least not one that I saw, and for it to be snowing in that city a few weeks after I leave. sigh. Next year.

6. I started writing this earlier, and can’t seem to finish it without getting distracted. This is my life now:)

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