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Burn down the forest.

“Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as to be understood.” I spent this past weekend in LA, and it will be my last for quite awhile. I almost regret going down there, but I can’t fully because…well, it was my choice. I just can’t regret what pulls me down to that […]

Whatever Forever.

I will apologize in advance to my boss, coworkers, or anyone bored enough on the Monday after holiday vacation who happens to read this. I am not feeling it today, and by ‘it’ I mean ‘working’, and I am kind of sorry. Not sorry enough to stop this nonsense, but it’s the Monday after holiday vacation and […]

Gold teeth, and a curse for this town.

I was feeling inspired tonight, which is usually something that happens as I am trying to fall asleep. Instead of powering down, my brain usually powers up, pouring out all the thoughts I have kept at bay all day long. Maybe this will help, but I doubt it. Fifteen minutes ago, I came across this, […]

An Open Letter to all the Online Daters.

Hi, You don’t know me, and you probably never will. I have never frequented the online dating scene, nor have I ever tried, nor will I ever try, and here is why: You people are mean. I hate to generalize a group a well-meaning individuals this way, because I am sure a lot of you […]

December 27th: Yearly Recap.

I have obviously decided that posting every day is too difficult, but today I am posting my yearly recap. Pieces of things I have written during this last year, and I have no idea which entries I am going to use. I am currently listening to Kaki King’s ‘Sunnyside’ on repeat, so let’s see how […]

December 5th: Draft.

I am having some trouble posting today, because what I really wanted to write about, I am deciding to wait a day and post later. Just one day. I doubt I will feel differently enough to decide against it, but I will have ‘slept on it’ so to speak. Instead, I am posting something I […]

Burn it down.

A good friend of mine is moving to Los Angeles, and I already feel a little lonely. Not because of the wonderful and sparkling conversation we’ve had, but because being around this person has made me feel…human again. It’s been a tough few months, and I have needed this friendship, this weird little understanding we […]