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December 19th: Seven years.

Yesterday was my seven year anniversary in Washington. This relationship has lasted longer than any other relationship (well, romantic ones), and it’s had all the ups and downs that come with something that has lasted seven years. Seven years. Every year when I write this post, I always say the same thing: Everyone thought I […]

December 14th: Losing My Religion.

It’s a weird day. A sad day. A good day. If you have seen the news this morning, you get it. You feel the sadness and the anger. The loss, the confusion, and…the sadness. Always sadness. If you’re in Seattle today, you see the beautiful blue sky. You feel the cold, but the bright blue […]

December 12th: Twelve Twelve Twelve.

Every website and every facebook post is going to be talking about the fact that today is December 12th, 2012. It’s fun! It’s exciting! It’s something that will never happen again in our lifetime, considering we don’t have thirteen months and next year is 2013! Yeah. Woo. Hoo. My low level of enthusiasm is not […]

December 11th: This is when things get weird.

If you didn’t think I was weird before, I can’t promise that you will leave this entry feeling the same way. I don’t actively try to be weird, and it certainly doesn’t always bring me “wanted” attention. If anything, the weirder those looks people give me are when I open my mouth, the more I […]

December 10th: The sun must set to rise.

Twenty five was a good year for me, I learned a lot, I lost a lot, but I also gained a lot of important things. I was really reflective and forgiving that year, trying to overcome being twenty four and find my own footing again. The next two years just kind of, happened. I wouldn’t […]

December 6th: Lift Off.

I am sure this entry will land me in all kinds of ‘interesting’ trouble, but I am almost twenty eight, I just don’t care. Before I start, I am going to anticipate the reaction for a moment, and say for the five bazillionth time: This blog is not Facebook. Who even reads this anyway? A […]

December 5th: Draft.

I am having some trouble posting today, because what I really wanted to write about, I am deciding to wait a day and post later. Just one day. I doubt I will feel differently enough to decide against it, but I will have ‘slept on it’ so to speak. Instead, I am posting something I […]