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2014: Year in Review.

It is December twenty seventh and time for my last post of the year. During the past three years, I have developed a tradition of posting a “Year in Review” entry wherein I take excerpts from random posts during each month of the last year. In the past this hasn’t been a hard thing for […]

“And I wish it wasn’t dark right now.”

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I acknowledged how the transition from autumn to winter affects me. I think I was in denial for many years, because it’s one of those lovely “together” times of the year filled with warmth. And togetherness. And who can honestly admit to being sad during so much […]

I Suck At Blogging.

Here we are, two days before Christmas, and my December Diaries project is basically down the toilet. I just haven’t cared much, but maybe this post will help. I have been in Washington for eight years now (is that right? I think so) and it will be my seventh Holiday season without my family. The […]

December Fourth.

Yesterday, I sent my first press release into the wild via a new channel. In the past, they have always been given directly to the media outlet of our choosing, exclusively giving whatever message we want to convey to a real human person. This time, I simply uploaded it to a website, scared out of […]

December Third.

For the past several years, I have done what I call ‘December Diaries’, writing one post for every day in December. Last year I did not do so well at this, a task I gave myself, but I always say I am going to try. And here we are, December 2013. Here’s what is going […]

December 27th: Yearly Recap.

I have obviously decided that posting every day is too difficult, but today I am posting my yearly recap. Pieces of things I have written during this last year, and I have no idea which entries I am going to use. I am currently listening to Kaki King’s ‘Sunnyside’ on repeat, so let’s see how […]

December 20th: Winter Song.

I feel like I have been really busy since the month began. I always feel like I am busy, and it’s often with good reason. In an effort to come up with a decent post today, here are a few things: 1. I guess the world is supposed to end tomorrow? I think that whole […]