One Headlight.

Thanksgiving alone. It’s not so bad.

Of course, I just came back from the bar. A holiday spent alone, among a number of other people doing just the same thing. Pathetic? Nah.

Strangely calming? Very.

Everyone has a story. The why’s and why not’s, and the last place I would expect to be judged would be the exact place I spent my night. A lonely Thanksgiving will a bunch of people trying to drown out those thoughts on their own, quietly united in the fact that they have nowhere else to go. It was nice. Liberating.

I don’t need anyone. Really.

Home Alone is on for the third time, and Pandora is playing all the right songs. I wish there was someone I could tell, but you’re it, Blog.

Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for always being there when I need to talk.


  1. I have similar plans for Christmas. It’ll be my Second Annual Christmas Alone. I’m kinda looking forward to it.

    1. Let’s be orphans together:)

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