December First.

I started a tradition last year in my old blog, and I’ve decided it’s going to carry over again.

I love tradition:)

I’m letting my words speak for themselves this month, and I’m not giving any amazing (or witty) titles to my entries. December is an interesting month for me, always.

Things that are currently happening:

1. I wrote to Meg from 2birds1blog, and she wrote back. I am over the moon about this, and as pathetic as it seems, it made my week. I have a special place in my heart for Bloggers, so having her write me back was similar to the feeling I got when Luke Reynolds of Blue Merle wrote me back and called me “Cassie baby”.

God I miss that band.

2. I am extremely stressed about the next five weeks of life. So much to do, so much to get accomplished, and so much happening around me. My horoscope promised that all would figure itself out by the 31st, so I’m holding on to that. The stars rarely fail me.

3. This is the worst time of year for me. It wouldn’t matter if everything in life was going smoothly, this time of year hurts. Here’s hoping though, that I don’t fall to pieces and give in to my theatrical side. I tend to let my emotions consume me in times like these:)

4. I need a new tattoo. I need to feel that sting, because it makes everything else seem so trivial and eases the pain of everything around me. That’s lame…but true.

Last year:

[01 Dec 2008 | Monday]
december first.
It is barely fifteen minutes into this new month, and it comes not a moment too soon.

This is my favorite month. This month is mine.

Perhaps it is the “birth month” connection, or maybe more accurately the fact that this is the time when I feel the most alive. The fall season is wonderful yes, but nothing compares to December.

I struggle with every single emotion imaginable during this time, and it has always produced epiphanies of the best kind. This entry included:)

I am watching Pride and Prejudice.

I think I have seen every movie ever made of this story, and it’s one I hold extremely close to my heart. It soothes my soul.

Good night. Good morning.

Happy December.

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