December Eighth.

I’m having a lovely morning, truly.

I fell asleep happy, I woke up happy, I am happy. If things are only perfect for this one day this week, I’ll take it.

I don’t have much to write about, so here is this:

I am: extremely happy.
My ex-boyfriend was: my best friend.
Maybe I should: stop being stressed about this weekend.
I love: looking out the window at Tacoma.
I don’t understand: selfish people.
I lost my: self for a time this summer.
My boyfreind is: nonexistent. I’m single.
People say I’m: a little granola…and weird.
Love is: great when you can feel it in your bones.
Somewhere, someone is: plotting a takeover.
I will always: write and write.
Forever is: a lie.
I never want to: stop beliveing in other people.
I think the current President is: doing okay for picking up the pieces.
When I wake up in the morning, I: talk to my cat and listen to the news while I get ready.
Life is full of: beauty.
My past is incredibly: real.
I get annoyed when: people try to manipulate me.
Parties are for: fun!
I wish: that I could take a day off.
My dog/cat is: SUPER!
Kisses are the worst when: they’re sloppy.
Tommorrow I’m going to: be going crazy with anxiety and mid-week errands.
I really want some: groceries in my house.
I have low tolerance for people who: use other people.
If I had a million dollars: I would take everyone I know to Yosemite for a week. Best vacation EVER.

Last year:
[08 Dec 2008 | Monday]
december eighth.

Everyone was pissy today.

Everyone. I think it’s the stress of the year, or the stress of this TIME of year. Either way, pissy people suck.

Thankfully, I had Kim at work tonight. She let me vent my fire, we laughed about boys with pinkies, and had a healthy dance session to Britney in the backroom. When everything is less than wonderful, I can count on my Starbucks girls:) Thanks sKimmie!

I think I got it all out. Scenesters. On to more important things…

The day after tomorrow:)

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