December Tenth.

I was so sure that today was going to be awful.

I could feel myself sinking, dreading the next three days, and anxiety filling the deepest pits of my stomach. Why, of all years, did this birthday have to be The One?

I can’t explain it well enough for anyone to really understand, but the anger that filled up my heart was enough for me. Twenty five or not, I’m still not over certain things, and I’m just not ready to be.

Today however, my friends have made this birthday extremely special. The facebook posts, the text messages, the phone calls, the flowers and bottles of wine, cards…it’s more than I expected, and it makes me wish I was better at remembering other people’s birthdays. That is what I’m going to work on in 2010, being a better birthday remember-er:)

So far, today has been wonderful. Nothing, not even the arrival of everything I’ve tried to forget, can dampen my spirits.

Hello twenty five, I hope you and I become great friends this year.

Last year:
[10 Dec 2008 | Wednesday]
december tenth.
“Your birth is a mistake you’ll spend your whole life trying to correct.”

True that. Thanks, Chuck.

It’s been a good year. Stressful and ridiculous, but good, and I’m satisfied. Doing the impossible comes at a steep price, and it’s been totally worth it.

Twenty three was an AWESOME age to be.

My toes have little painted snowflakes on them:) And Jon and I are doing ‘crafty’ things today. More later.

Thanks for the sweet texts and wishes<3

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