Morning Nonsense!

I’ve always wanted to: skydive.
My favorite place to go is: the cliff in Tennessee. I cannot WAIT to go home:)
My biggest fear is: drowning.
The only person that understands me is: myself.
When I go to parties I’m the: one who dances around and does their own thing.
I’m in love with: my life, currently.
I love to be: in the sunshine with a cool breeze.
I wanna be: walking along the Seattle Waterfront right now.
My biggest pet peeve is: bitches.
I hate girls that are: selfish and manipulating.
I hate guys that are: selfish and manipulating.
I always wanted: to make it to this point.
My favorite ice cream is: Coconut Bliss double chocolate!
My favorite song is: probably Dancing Nancies by DMB.
Sometimes I wish that I could: let go of people that are bad for me.
When I look up at the stars: I remember the California days.
I think I’m: a good person.
I love to watch: Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, and the chalk artists on 9th.
I always wondered if: a heart can really get over certain things.
I have strong feelings for: people that I love.
I wish I could have a: full week off from working, and not worry about it.
The opposite sex always notice my: legs.
I’m the best: at being me. People have tried and failed:)
I love to keep: people close. Good and bad.
In truth or dare I: usually choose Truth. Sometimes telling the truth is as bad as any dare.
Cigarettes are so: bad for you..but sexy:)
I think they should legalize: marijuana. It’s entirely possible to be a productive member of society and smoke pot, and it could help a lot of people. So much could be different if people could just RELAX.
My favorite outfit is: anything that makes me feel amazing.
I secretly: LOVE LOVE both of my jobs.
Sometimes I get: irrational and jealous.
If I could I would: move everyone I love to Yosemite National Park and live there forever.
I can’t wait to: enjoy THIS summer to the fullest extent.


  1. you already posted this.

  2. no I didn’t.

    I stole this from myspace.

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