March First.

To say that 2010 has been weird so far, well, that would be understating things a bit.

First of all, it has been unseasonably warm for this time of year. Global warming at it’s finest, and none of us are worried?? No, no we are not. We are refusing to wear jackets, bringing out the flippy floppies, and talking about summer plans like they’re tomorrow plans.

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest.

Second, the Winter Olympics were (and excuse me for saying this, really) GOLD. Winter sports are amazingly fun to watch, and the hockey game yesterday only served to cement that in my brain. Canada completely deserved that win, but I didn’t really care WHO won, because it’s all about the fact that it’s the OLYMPICS and it was beautiful.

Third, it’s MARCH and my mood hasn’t altered from September. This time of year is usually filled with depression, stress and tired eyes. I’ve gotten used to it, I knew what I signed up for when I moved here, I’ve taken the bad with the good. Damn it all though, because I feel fine. Nothing has changed, and with spring right around the corner, I have so much to look forward to this time around.

I posted this last year, but I like it, so I’m posting it again:

Thumb freckles.
March 01, 2006

Pick daisies. Smell the hair of someone you love. Kiss shoulders. Love what you know. Look for what you don’t know. Open your arms wide and spin in a circle. Sit on the counter top and eat your dinner. Roll the windows down. Sit down in the shower. Jump on your bed. Yell your happiness. Sigh with contentment. Make a promise. Accomplish everything wearing pajamas. Give yourself a few extra minutes. Embrace your thumb freckles. Want nothing.

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  1. Mon Zni · · Reply

    I hear ya! I have nasty seasonal depression, and it’s MARCH already, and I’ve had about 3 semi-sad days. Not even full on depression, muchless the deadly variety that usually visits me in the winter. If this is global warming (I hear it was only an El Nino year), I LOVE IT.

    And do you have thumb freckles? I only have one. I’m kinda jealous if you have more.

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