No Easter ham.

Busy weekends, always. But at least I’m not writing this tomorrow morning, when I’m supposed to be getting things together for the week ahead. Procrastination on a Monday? Yes please.

I am truly excited about the week ahead, but it’s either going to suck, or it’s going to be the beginning of the biggest step I’ve taken since moving to Washington. I’m supposed to hear about a job tomorrow, a job that could be the start of something beautiful and something that would enable me to grow and learn far beyond what I have. I swear, once I really figured out what made me tick, there has been no stopping me. I’m not just “hanging out” and “being content” with the work I’m doing, now it means something. Now I have a purpose.

It’s like I’m an adult or something. Weird:)

So, the week ahead is a big one. I hope I can stay patient enough to just let the world happen.

Until tomorrow…

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