Finding my niche.

Some people never figure themselves out, floating through life wondering “okay, what now?”. Some people spend years in college and still aren’t satisfied with what they become, and how it shapes them.

That being said, I want to say that I’ve figured it out. My path, and where I’d like it to lead. What drives me, and what really gets me excited about work.

I’ve always thought I was supposed to be a writer. It’s always been the heart and soul of me, and whether or not I’ve been very good at it, it’s been my savior as well. Losing myself in my thoughts, imagination, opinions…I’ve been blessed with a love for something so pure and simple, and it amazes me that more people aren’t in love with words.

When I started my job in Tacoma, it was a dream. Art, design, intelligence, reason. You wouldn’t think those things might belong together, but they sure came together there, and it was beautiful. I never knew that marketing could be so wonderful and all encompassing, and it was beautiful. It was during my time there that I really started opening up to what I loved and wanted out of my life, both personally and professionally, and I was able to succeed my own expectations to a point where I’ve often wondered “okay, what’s next?”

I am extremely ambitious. I only say this because it helps explain my go-go-go personality, my restless nature, my never-take-a-breath-in-the-middle-of-explaining-because-someone-might-stop-me-AND-I-NEED-TO-GET-MY-THOUGHTS-OUT way of speaking. Yeah, I often finish things a little breathless.

I am so motivated to succeed that I started looking for a new job while I already had two jobs that I loved. I wanted something more and fresh, something that would stimulate my brain and give me an outlet.


I have just spent the last few days doing research. I’ve spent time in a meetings where I got to brainstorm with people who are a lot like me, with ideas flowing endlessly, and the knowledge that my ideas are good. Being able to write reports, pitch ideas to my bosses, and watch as they come to life….nothing compares. Nothing compares to figuring out what lights a fire and keeps it burning for endless hours, watching the flames leap so high that limits don’t exist anymore.

I have found my niche.

It’s nearly 1:30 in the afternoon, and I’ve been working through my lunches all week. I can’t get enough, and I always forget to eat until much later in the night.

Not today though:)

Today I am leaving work early to meet my friends in Tacoma for Happy Hour. I haven’t seen them in so long, and the catching up will feel amazing. I’ve missed three dollar wine night!

Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice in Fremont, and this weekend never comes a moment too soon for me. Rain or shine, it’s going to be a blast, and I’m excited to just….be.

All at once, my world came together, I am the happiest me I have ever been.

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