All moved in.

I am always writing about “Passion over Consequence”. It goes with me everywhere, I feel it all the time, and it’s something I truly believe in. A lot of people have disagreed, but that’s where we’re different, because I don’t see how choosing passion over anything could be a bad thing. Unless you want it to be.

I’m exhausted, but wonderfully happy this morning. My commute to work was five minutes, and leaving my apartment this morning made me feel…light. I’ve made good choices this year.

I’ll have a good entry sometime this week, but that isn’t today.

One year ago:

Passion over Consequence.

It’s been quite a week. One that I am entirely ready to forget about, but I know that I won’t.

At least not today.

Today, I am missing Tennessee. I left for a simpler life, more freedom to explore my world, and the chance to know that I (alone) could make it. It hasn’t been quite the ride I expected (and, on many levels, hoped for), but it’s been something special. I’ve gained more than I’ve lost, at least emotionally, and anything is a success when you can say that.

Still, many things in this world can’t be replaced. And the things I did end up losing when I left, those are the things I am missing today. I might be just strong enough to walk this world alone, but I would never want to. Knowing that I don’t fear being alone is enough for me. I left behind a life that knew me, and traded it in for the unknown. Stupid? Not in my book. Do I regret it? Only sometimes.

Especially when I listen to Coldplay or drink champagne. Not together though:)

Reflection is really a means to an end. I might miss what I had, but not enough to go back. Not enough to fight for it again.

At least not today.

Passion over Consequence. Always, and on every level.

“Oh, all that I know,
There’s nothing here to run from,
And there, everybody here’s got somebody to lean on.”

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