Not a full entry.

I read ‘2birds1blog’ every single day. So much over the last two years that sometimes, I find myself writing like Meg. I tweet random things that nobody understands like “sorr about the bag” and “bia bia!” because of her daily blogs. We’re kindred spirits, her and I, but that’s not what this is about.

In the spirit of birds, here is my post for today.

Thoughts I couldn’t flesh out into full entries.
New apartment life.
So far, so interesting. My cat and Jessica’s little dog are getting used to each other, and they choose the early morning hours to run around like madmen chasing each other and generally being sassy. It’s like having real children…when you haven’t heard anything in a few minutes, they are definitely up to something.

I’m glad the new carpet smell still lingers.

Quote of mine from last year.
“You don’t win because you can hit the hardest, cut the deepest, or lie the best. We all want to feel justified in doing something shitty to someone else, but really, it’s your own nagging fear that you aren’t worth enough yourself. Eventually, you’ll have to reconcile with those fears, regardless of the path you took to get there.”

I am thrilled not to be this girl anymore. I do, however, remember the pain of writing this and what it all meant. I think reconiliation is a long process, and one that I am only beginning to wrap my head around.

Work, work, fun.
I love my job, and I cannot stress that point enough. Even now, when my arm feels like it’s about to fall off because of clicking cells in Excel and editing spreadsheets until my eyes want to fall out of their sockets…I love my job. It’s extremely interesting, I (literally) learn something new every day, and I consistently forget to take a lunch. The times when I’m actually bored and very few and far between:)

On L O V E.
Another one of my friends just got engaged, and should I be shocked? No. Am I actually a little bummed? Yeah…a little. I am so happy for her (and for Monica who just got married, and for Nadia who is getting married in October…and for the wedding in Chelan in only a few short weeks), I am happy for my friends. Until recently, I never really understood why people got married in the first place, but I want that. I want it all so badly that I could sit and daydream about it all day long and never get bored because I want that. And not because everyone around me (or so it seems) is on that track, but because I really do understand why people get married now. For love, and the happy life they see coming:)

And neeeeeew!

ugh. I promise there is a good entry coming sometime soon.

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