September First.

I’ve never been quite sure what it is that Fall does to me, but whatever it is, it’s magical.

The earth is in transition, the last stages before it sheds the old for awhile, and takes a break before everything starts over in the spring. I’ve always thought there was something wonderful about transition, and the fall season is the best example of it.

Last year I wrote:

September is off to an amazing start.

My work computer has never had sound, and it has ALWAYS annoyed me. Especially when I can stare out the window all day, imagining all sorts of nonsense, but I am unable to sort it out in my head. I’m sure this is the same for lots of people, but I need music to work through my thoughts, no matter how trivial or mundane.

So, our tech guy (Shayne), finally gave in and bought me a sound card. He’s not a man of many words (only dirty looks, which I happily give back in return), but he does understand one thing: Free pounds of coffee. I get some every week, and I never use it, so I am extremely happy to use it to my advantage getting people to do things for me.

It’s come in handy more than once:) You people and your addictions. Shame.

The fact that I can listen to Radiohead all day long just about makes me burst with happiness. I’m listening as I write this, and I was listening as I did my early morning stuff.

Yes, September is definitely off to a great start. I’m fairly certain that this is my favorite month of the year:)

Let’s just hope I can keep pushing those boundaries, further and further, until I can’t see them anymore. I need the room to run. I need the room to breathe.


It’s fun to realize that nothing has changed much. I am still in love with September, I am still listening to Radiohead to bring me “into it”, and I am STILL counting down the days until Dave Matthews (four, counting today). Everyone dreads the rain, the overcast, the months of cold that will only produce more months of cold. This is where I come alive, and I wish that I could bottle up these weeks and pull them out in January when I am trying to remember why I love the rain so much.

My hair is getting longer.
I can’t wait to buy some new boots.

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  1. Kimberly Mae :) · · Reply

    i want boots too. i love september :) and you.

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