Bringing the rain.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I feel like this day has gotten away from me, and here I am, about five minutes from going home, and I can finally see my desk again. I mean…sigh.

My marketing guy (and long time friend) is leaving here, and I am having mixed feelings about it. Mainly because I took this job knowing that I would know someone, but also because he’s awesome. He just knows his shit, and not having him here is going to make things a lot harder in the months to come. They are giving me a lot of the work he used to do, and adding it onto my already full plate while saying “Hey, we know you like this. Have at it.”

I do. I love what he does, and I hope to do it myself someday, but someday isn’t TODAY. Ready or not though, it’s happening, and I need to get ready for more days like this. I’m lucky (ugh, that word again) enough to be given chances without having a college degree, but I have to remind myself that I have earned this in some way or another. This isn’t all about being lucky, this is about knowing that I’ve worked hard everyday, and this is my reward.


I love the weather outside. While people came in grumbling this morning, I smiled all the way to work. This is when I shine.

Pizza night, birthdays, Seahawks game, family dinners….come on weekend:)

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