I had a great weekend.

It was Kim’s birthday, and we danced around having a blast. My boyfriend has Seahawks season tickets, and he took me to the first game yesterday, which was amazing to be a part of. Blue Thunder is my favorite part:) Last night was our family dinner at BJ’s, and like always, it was…fun. I loved my weekend.

Except for the part where I found out that one of my “friends” saw Jonathan at the Sportspage in Auburn.

And then finding out that she talked shit about me, to him.

Oh, and the part about them talking on facebook? Super awesome.

Maybe this is some sort of karma on my part. However, it doesn’t hurt me, it only serves to irritate the shit out of me. “Friends”, ex boyfriends, shit talkers, facebook. I absolutely don’t understand this situation, but the one thing I do know is that it’s shady. And more than anything, that has set me off.

ugh. Monday.

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