gchat conversations.

Background info: Jeremy and his friends are going down to Oregon this weekend for the Beavers vs. Arizona game tomorrow. He ordered tickets through Stubhub a few weeks ago, and instead of five, they sent him nine. Two days ago, they started calling when the seller realized his mistake and wanted them back. They have kept calling, four times a day, every day, and the issue hasn’t really gotten resolved. Stubhub is run by complete idiots.

This was an actual gchat conversation that just happened between Jeremy and I:

Jeremy: Oh. And stubhub called me again.
me: for what?
Jeremy: Same shit. Didn’t call back:-)
They read from a script when they leave a voicemail.
Sent at 11:55 AM on Friday
me: I can call them and pretend to a lawyer and let them know that they’re harassing you and I’M PRESSING CHARGES!
if you needed me to pretend to be a doctor, I would do better at that…but I think I can be a lawyer
Jeremy: Haha a doctor?
Have you had to do that before?
Sent at 11:59 AM on Friday
me: no, but I’ve watched every single episode of Grey’s Anatomy TWICE. I can totally do it!
I can diagnose brain tumors
and order CT scans
and tell scrub nurses to hand me a tenblade
Jeremy: Haha.
me: so yeah, you let me know if you need me to play lawyer:) should be easy enough.
Sent at 12:03 PM on Friday

Oh, it’s finally October:)

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