Thursdays are the best days.

The week is almost over.

1. I think I am allergic to the eye shadow I’ve been using. This is good and bad, and extremely annoying. I am now going to be forced to buy more expensive makeup (which I can’t justify, but I’m going to have to), buuuuut I also have an excuse to buy more makeup:) I am such a girl. At least my eyes won’t be swollen shut anymore.

2. This has been hell week. Okay, not really, but I have had all I can take of Excel spreadsheets and people who won’t return emails. The awesome thing? There is no end in sight, that’s business baby.

3. I have started out every single day this week with Passion Pit:

How could anything be wrong with this song in my head? That’s right. I am an optimist!

4. I am making Oregon Beavers brownies tonight. Grey’s Anatomy is on. My boyfriend is bringing me chicken tacos for dinner. And ONE MORE week until I can go to the eye doctor for confirmation of something that I already know, and then leave for Portland for TWO DAYS. I can’t wait, Portland is the cutest city:)

It’s time to go home.

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