Oh, October.

(I wrote this yesterday, but didn’t post it)

Summer disappointed, but Fall definitely hasn’t.

This weekend has proven what I’ve been saying for years: Fall is the best season, and Washington wears it well. It is gorgeous outside, but it’s cold enough for the scarves and hats that I wish I could wear all year long. Halfway over, it’s been a great month:)

I got a pen pal last night. We both realized that we both buy cards for no reason, just to have them to send when the moment takes us. We even like the same brand of Hallmark cards, and I am extremely excited to “send and make a friend”. Real mail has been lost in an era of email and facebook, but I am determined to bring it back.

October is love this time around.

One comment

  1. I didn’t know you did that too! Send me your mailing address.

    And those Hallmark ones, are they the square ones that are just so very oddball? Because that would be TOO perfect, as those are my favorites.

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