December Tenth.

I’ve been twenty six for about ten hours now, and it really feels lovely.

What a nice age to be, carrying the good feeling of being past my early twenties, and all that comes along with those years. I am not afraid to be older, to not be where I thought I would be at this age. I feel secure…what a wonderful emotion to know.

I’ve been updating my list of “Things I’m learning at Twenty Five” all year long, and now I can’t anymore. Twenty five was a great year for learning, the good kind that didn’t follow me around and haunt me all year. So now, I fully present my list (in past tense):

Things I Learned at Twenty Five.

I am definitely proud of that one.

In another story altogether, I re-discovered Chris Jordan yesterday:

“Collectively we are committing a vast and unsustainable act of taking, but we each are anonymous and no one is in charge or accountable for the consequences. I fear that in this process we are doing irreparable harm to our planet and to our individual spirits. As an American consumer myself, I am in no position to finger wag; but I do know that when we reflect on a difficult question in the absence of an answer, our attention can turn inward, and in that space may exist the possibility of some evolution of thought or action.”

His ‘Intolerable Beauty’ project is amazing, and his thoughts and ideas give me hope for a lot of things. Check him out here.

What a great Friday:)

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