December Thirteenth.

Okay, so I didn’t do so well updating this weekend. It was a busy one, but here are the highlights:

1. The Spar for dinner on my birthday. For some reason, it was exactly what I wanted, and Tacoma was exactly what I needed.

2. Chasing Boogie around the living room on Saturday morning.

3. Shopping with Jeremy. Nordstrom is absolutely my favorite new place.

4. My birthday gift from Mishu in Fremont.

5. Friends and family from Bellingham down for the weekend.

6. Birthday shots with T.J and Katie. I have never met (and loved) so many people who shared my same birthday:)

7. Family Thai dinners.

8. Two separate Orchid plants.

Birthday weekend: accomplished. Now for Christmas and a New Year celebration.

One comment

  1. The Spar is two minutes from my house! Ah! :o)

    Glad your birthday was wonderful.

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