December Twenty Third.

Life changing. That is the only way to describe the last few days.

Before I go further, I have to say that streaming KEXP on my phone is the most amazing gift to myself. Everyone must hear this song at some point:

“Calabasas” by Hey Marseilles. Make a note of that, because it’s beautiful, and it’s pushing me through this morning.

To say the very least, I have been extremely stressed out for about 36 hours. I am hoping my mini breakdown, which happened as soon as I walked through my door last night, got out the bulk of my pent up emotion. It has nothing to do with the season, nothing to do with my job, nothing to do with money or friends or my darling boyfriend. It has everything to do with a family issue, something I am completely unprepared (and unequipped) to deal with.

If it were anything else, with anyone else, financial, work related…anything. I could deal, figure it out, take the bull by the horns and tackle it. My family, they have every hold on my heart, and any pain that belongs to them…belongs to me. So, I need this holiday weekend to cuddle up, and be thankful for every person I surround myself with. Grateful to be surrounded by incredible, heaping amounts of love. Even if my parents and little brother are miles away.

Getting back to work.
I’ll think I might post photos instead of write for the next few days. Follow me on Twitter:)

Merry Christmas everyone, I am very grateful for all of you.

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