December Twenty First.

A few things to make note of:

1. I love my iPhone 4. Like, love love. Though I still can’t understand why one person needs to be THAT connected.

2. That being said, I talked to Heather Lynn last night for about an hour. She was using her computer, and I was using my phone, and we could see each other, and I could show her around my apartment and let her meet Boogie. It was lovely, my long lost friend who was never really lost, having a conversation just like old times.

3. Falling asleep last night, I realized that I don’t have a place in Washington. A place where I know that no matter what, I can go there and feel like me. In Tennessee, that place was “our” cliff. A random rock high above the city that Heather Lynn and I found by accident one day, while we drove around listening to Coldplay, letting life wash over us. When I went back in May, the air was so still and warm, smelling like honeysuckle and green grass. It’s a place that allows the fireflies to come out at night, and it is the most sacred and wonderful spot I have ever found.

In California, that place was the rock in the middle of the river. While not quite as special as the cliff, that rock allowed me to “figure shit out”. I waded out there, jumped from from smaller rocks to get there, watched sunsets, took pictures, had devotionals with my God out there. Even deep in the forest of California, I had a place where I could just be me.

Washington is a bit harder. I have seen many beautiful things here, taken many long drives, “figured shit out” by writing or reading or having a long conversation. I just don’t have a place. Maybe the little library at the bottom of Sanford & Sons in Tacoma, but it’s not outdoors, and I can’t access it at all hours if I wanted. It didn’t really hit me until last night, and now that I’m thinking about it, I want to find one. This can be my New Years gift to myself:)

4. I want to be in a book club.

5. It’s the Winter Solstice, and it was such a beautiful drive to work. Photos on Twitter.

6. Oh, and here’s Guster:) My gift to you:

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