December Twenty something…

I forget what the date is today, and though I know that I could easily look it up, I am choosing not to. Day three of vacation, that’s what it is.

I spent yesterday going on dates. Lunch date, coffee date, shopping date, wine date. I must admit that one of those was a date with myself, but it was still awesome and very needed. It was wonderful to sit and have time to really talk to friends, with no rush in the back of my mind, and I appreciated them for making the time as well. How easily things came together, it makes me wonder if I am the deciding factor here, if it’s MY schedule that gets in the way of things and postpones life.


I also learned something very valuable last night: I am an adult. I mean, I already knew this, but to see it shining through and being able to say things (anything) with certainty in my voice and in my bones, that made it all very final.

I think I’ve tried to write these next sentences at least five times, and nothing is sounding right.

As this year winds to a close, there is one words that keeps flashing in front of my eyes:


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