Where I get political and starting using metaphors.

I have been listening to NPR every morning on the way to work. Every single morning, I sit in the traffic that has become my life, and listen to the soothing voices describe the state of the current world.

It’s given me a lot to think about, and a lot to write about, I just haven’t yet.

Lately, the news has been focused on Libya. Every morning, I can’t help but think how what is happening over there is reminding me of a bratty child. A leader with enough gall to taunt the rest of the world, asking our own President at one point, “please, tell me how you would handle this, so that I can act accordingly.” The bratty child that is Gadhafi, ruling the “playground” with his money and connections, threatening everyone into submission with his group of followers. If it weren’t so real, it would be annoying that we’re even buying into it.

Truthfully, the United States is that privileged kid too. The one who can be a downright asshole to your face, but still has enough sense to joke around next time he sees you, acting like it was no big deal and “haha, we’re all friends, bud.” He’s kind of the guy you secretly wanted to be, because he was smart and knew it, could go to any school he wanted, have any girl he wanted, was good at sports, knew what was going on in the world, etc. It’s not shocking to anyone that he is now stepping in with Libya, back to the playground where he’s been so many times before, with the attitude of “Again?? Seriously World, get your SHIT together.” All jokes aside, we’ve become the world police, and I am absolutely torn in how I feel about it. On one hand, we should intervene in certain matters, because we are capable and because nothing ever got better by turning a blind eye to the situation. On the other hand, “you’ve got problems, man”. We cannot keep running after the World, wagging our finger and carrying a belt in the other hand while our house burns down behind us. At some point, we need to draw a line, and turn our attention to this country we’re building ourselves.

We have it easy, and that is so true that it makes me feel a little guilty. We’ve created this life for ourselves, with something similar to “order” and “harmony”, and we rarely stop to realize that it could be a LOT worse.

Switching gears for a second, can I just say that the Japanese are a classy bunch? With nearly 114 countries volunteering financial aid, they only accepted 15, acknowledging the wealth of the country and not wanting to take advantage of anyone’s generosity. During such a trying time, that really serves as a testament to something that a lot of people have forgotten about. Honesty. Appreciation. Love.

There is so much I want to talk about, personal and otherwise, today just isn’t the time. These thoughts have been swimming in my head for days, so I’m happy I could finally get them out.

Is it only Wednesday?

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