A lame update.

Good grief. It’s been awhile.

For starters, that perfect job? The one that was “so amazing” and “career worthy”? Yeah, it rapidly unravelled right in front of my eyes, and I no longer work there. I don’t regret that choice either, to take it and involve myself so much, only to be burned in the end. I am enjoying some much needed time off, looking for the next adventure, and I’m happy to be away from so much dysfunction.

“We do what we have to do, to be Free.”

My dad was in town for a few days, and I don’t think we had much down time. Pike Place, the Museum of Flight, ferry rides, a Mariners game, and dinners on the water. He definitely got a tour of Seattle, and we ended it with a trip to Buckley’s, with a Tennessee flag over our table. It was nice to have him here, to see him get to know people in my life that mean the world to me. The family reunion in July can’t come soon enough.

I feel like it’s been forever since I updated, but I can’t really think of anything that’s been happening. This entry sucks, but I’m still alive:)

Hockey playoffs start today!


  1. Mon Zni · · Reply

    Sorry about the job– not so much losing it, since that sounds like it was a good thing, but that it didn’t deserve you like you had hoped.

    Good luck on the new search, love you lots!

    1. I read Kelly Cutrone’s book, and life just changed:) haha, thanks, I love you too. Let’s get together for coffee, I have loads of free time now!

  2. Mon Zni · · Reply

    Yeah, I’d love to hear the story and get together. I’m free Sunday mornings, are you?

    1. I am free next Sunday morning, like, a week and some days away. Let’s get coffee!!

  3. Mon Zni · · Reply

    When and where? Most of the places I know are Tacoma-located, and I’m not sure where you’re living (Auburn still or no?), so something in between would be ideal.

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