It’s 12am, and it’s Earth Day.

So, is this a Happy Birthday scenario, Earth? Or just a good old, “thanks friend, for all you do”? Either way, Happy Birthday, and thanks for all the whole water/air/rain/recycle thing you’ve got going on. That’s pretty cool.

I obviously can’t sleep, and I really want to blame it on my intense gym session six hours ago. I feel like that would be ridiculous, because it was seriously six hours ago, and really? I wish I could blame the hockey playoffs, but the Red Wings won their series last night and the games on tonight didn’t rile me up enough. I just have a busy head right now, and I can’t seem to shut anything off.

Instead, I have been reading old entries from April of the last two years. I kept an insanely good record of those times, and man, I kind of wish I hadn’t. Has it only been two years?? It’s like I don’t even know that girl, full of excuses, painful emotions, and wild dreams of “what it all really means”. I know that was me, but wow, has it only been two years?

“I’ve been burned. Over and over and over. So much that I don’t know how I’m still alive, still breathing, and still wanting more.”

So much I didn’t know then, and so much insight I’ve gained in twenty four months.

Ooooh. I just found a video of one of my favorite songs.

Everything’s different
With my head in the clouds

Yeah, it’s time for me to try sleep again.
Goodnight/Good Morning, World.

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