Forty Eight Days.

The countdown has started.

I’ve been working on the Ireland itinerary for quite awhile now, and with only a few things left to book, the reality is starting to sink in. Forty eight days, and our adventure begins.

I’ve wanted this trip for a long time, because the Irish culture has always fascinated me. It was just “fate” that I met Jeremy, with his very Irish family and traditions. It just worked out that he has relatives (his own age) that live there, and that his parents have been several times already, and that I found someone to share real life adventures with. It was just another example of how the universe conspires to make things happen, the deepest/sweetest dreams you can possibly imagine, coming to real life.

On one hand, I want to share everything. All the details, the plans, the excitement. On another hand, I want to keep it all to myself until I return, like a delicious desert that I can’t possibly share until it’s over.

“You’ll just have to buy your own man, this one’s all mine. But I highly recommend it.”

This is a true high.
I don’t know why anyone does drugs when there is an entire world waiting to be discovered.

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