Twenty Days.

Three weeks, and we’ll be in another world. It’s crunch time and I’m all about making lists, going over my budget, and daydreaming.

This past weekend was Jeremy’s birthday weekend, and celebrate we did. It’s wonderful to date someone older, satisfied, and who appreciates my efforts to make life special and happy. His parents bought us a Dublin Pub Crawl for his birthday present, and it’ll be fun to experience that with his brothers and their girlfriends.

But seriously, three weeks.
So much to do.

This Friday, my sister and I are going ring shopping. It’s weird that she’s finally in that place, and even weirder that we’re both on the same page. We have always been the same in the sense that we “never saw a point” to getting married. We’ve seen the failure, the turmoil and unhappiness of divorce and neither of us was willing to take that chance with our own lives. Well, until recently anyway.

Time and life, they change a person. Nobody can experience anything real and remain the same.

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