Eighteen Days.

“‎We have the right, and the obligation, to tell old stories in our own ways, because they are our stories.” – Neil Gaiman

My ex is still: alive, and that’s always a nice thing to know.
I’m listening to: Johnny Cash, and it wasn’t my choice.
Maybe I should: get ready to go home for the day.
I love: the beautiful weather outside.
My best friends: are good people.
I dont understand: bitches.
I lost respect for: My old boss. Total hag.
Love is: beautiful.
Somewhere, someone is: actually enjoying Johnny Cash.
I will always: be a list maker.
Forever seems like: a good time.
I never ever want to lose: my cat.
My mobile phone is: a time waster.
When I wake up in the morning: I check to see if Boogie is sleeping with me.
I get annoyed with: people who want to argue.
Parties are: always a good time when you have great company!
My pet: is called Boogerface. My sweet little baby.
Kisses are: fun!
Today I: didn’t have enough coffee to deal with the crazy.
I really want: to be off work so I can watch my boyfriend make me dinner:)
I live: happily.
I work: hard.
I think: it’s going to be an interesting fall and winter season this year:)
I smell: the wood fired oven from across the street.
I listen: to my heart.
I see: the souls of other people.
I sing: a lot:)
I can: type over 55 wpm.
I daydream: about Ireland constantly.
I fall: in love with magical things.
I want: dinner! So hungry.
I cry: rarely, but easily. Does that make sense?
I love: where life is going.
I sometimes: expect waaaay too much out of other people.
I fear: only deep water.
I hope: the next few weeks flies by, I need to be in the air already!
I eat: yogurt everyday.
I drink: coffee everyday.
I miss: my sweet little brother.
I forgive: only when I feel like it.
I drive: very rarely.
I dream: every single night, and it’s not always a good thing.
I kiss: my cat all the time.
I hug: people a lot more now.
I have: an overactive imagination.
I don’t: appreciate flakes for friends.
I believe: I owe apologies to a few people who will never get them.
I know: that lying will never solve anything.
I hate: Metro buses who hog the road.

(I just noticed that it looks like I skipped a day in my countdown, but since our flight leaves Seattle at 12:15pm, if I check my “days left” after that time of the day, it always makes it less. Which is awesome for me…but also makes it look like I can’t count.)

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